F9: The Fast Saga

"Practically FAST" Featurette

They say the camera never lies. That is exactly why practical effects have played such a key role in bringing the Fast & Furious films to life, including F9: The Fast Saga. To learn more about the use of such effects, fans of the franchise can watch the featurette, “Practically FAST,” in our F9: The Fast Saga’s “Featurettes” section.

When the Fast & Furious franchise first made its debut over twenty years ago, practical effects were the primary option for bringing the films’ stunts into fruition. Although the world of filmmaking has come a long way since then, with special effects becoming more digital than ever before, Fast & Furious creators feel very strongly about the visceral nature of traditional real-life effects. Justin Lin, the director of F9: The Fast Saga, worked hard to keep practical effects at the forefront of the film and its many car-themed stunts.

F9: The Fast Saga - Justin Lin

It’s important to note that Lin knows it isn’t always easy to create the effects he’s looking for, even with the practical resources at his team’s disposal. He says, “I love challenging them to see how we can tell these stories. Sometimes, I don’t know how they do it. I just say, ‘that’s the way we have to do it,’ and they make it happen.”

When a film like F9: The Fast Saga opts for practical effects, there’s always a level of risk involved. Real-life car stunts can be unpredictable, and they aren’t always simple to perform—even for those with extensive vehicle experience. However, it’s worth it for the dose of realism these effects add to the final product.

F9: The Fast Saga - Filming Jack Toretto's crashThis F9: The Fast Saga feature reveals that this installment takes viewers back in time to the 1990s, featuring Jack Toretto participating in a race gone wrong. Shooting this scene involved an especially complex stunt, where the vehicle is launched into the air, spinning, before crashing to the earth and bursting into flames. The film’s crew took this challenge to heart and aimed to create the exact scene that Lin had in mind, even if it took complicated mechanics and a lot of careful planning to execute.

At the end of the day, one of the primary goals behind any Fast & Furious film is to make the action scenes as realistic and immersive as possible. When the action is believable in the eyes of the viewer, the emotions the scenes spark are even more intense. Lin acknowledges that achieving this goal takes an enormous amount of rehearsal—and the camerawork is just as essential as the stunt work itself. When filmmakers are able bring each of these core components together with flawless practical effects, the overall picture can truly resonate with fans.

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