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“Downstairs Cast” Cast Conversation

It could be quite the challenge to translate a beloved television series to the big screen. However, the cast and crew behind Downton Abbey pulled it off rather effortlessly. At the end of it all, you have to keep in mind the differences between a show and a film. One of the most noticeable distinctions is, of course, the runtime. In a TV series like Downton Abbey, the medium allows for different scenarios and characters to be entirely fleshed out over the course of several episodes. However, in a motion picture, the allotted time is shortened which alters the way in which the main story is told.

Thankfully, in Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture, the experience is almost like returning to familiar places and meeting up with old friends.  Everything that you loved about Downton Abbey on the small screen is perfectly translated onto the big screen. This includes reuniting with the cast you have fallen in love with across every single season of the acclaimed show. If you’re looking to hear more about what the actors and actresses had to say about starring in Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture, be sure to watch the roundtable talk, “Downstairs Cast” included in our Downton Abbey “Cast Conversations” section.

Downstairs Cast - Downton AbbeyIf you didn’t already know or just need a little bit of a refresher, the aforementioned “Downstairs Cast” is made up of the butlers, housekeepers, maids, valets, cooks, and footmen who serve the grand manor house that is Downton Abbey. These beloved characters are played by some of the most renowned performers working in the business today. With the massive popularity of the show, it is no surprise that many of them were asked when the Edwardian-era drama was set to make its theatrical debut.

At the beginning of the discussion, Jim Carter, who plays Mr. Carson in Downton Abbey: The Motion Picture, talks all about the anticipation and excitement surrounding the release of the title amongst fans and stars alike. Carter, himself, jokingly says “we’re very, very tired of questions about is the film ever going to get made, which was for 3 years since the series finished.” If you’ve watched Downton Abbey before, then you’ll understand why people were clamoring for more during this hiatus.

The Downton Abbey cast go on to talk about how they realized just how big of a phenomenon the program had become. Carter harkens back to the time some years ago when the entire ensemble was invited to the White House to meet one of Downton Abbey’s most avid watchers, First Lady Michelle Obama. Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna Bates, adds on to this by saying that Mick Jagger spontaneously stopped rehearsals so that he wouldn’t miss that week’s episode of Downton Abbey.

Jim Carter and Joanne Froggatt - Downton AbbeyAs you can tell from this sprawling list of fans, Downton Abbey was truly made for everyone. One of the greatest aspects about a movie and series like Downton Abbey is that many people can relate to the characters on the screen. Surprisingly enough, the cast often start to see themselves in the characters that they portray, no matter their on- and off-screen differences.

For example, Imelda Staunton, who plays Maud Bagshaw in both the show and film, says she is able to keep a secret like Maud, whereas Joanne Froggatt confesses that she is loyal like Anna Bates.  It’s little conversations like this that show just how invested these actors and actresses are in the Downton Abbey franchise. Despite being constantly asked about the possibility of a movie, you can tell that the cast members truly missed the series as well. It’s a very emotional and nostalgic journey down memory lane for them, but it is one that celebrates the continuing legacy of one of the most applauded programs ever.

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