• A Digital Copy is a digital version of the full-length movie that you get when you own specially-marked 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™ or DVD discs with “Digital” noted at the top. Owning the digital version of the movie extends your enjoyment because it enables you to download or stream your movie to a computer, mobile device, internet-connected TV, Blu-ray™ player, or set-top box.

    Your Digital Copy can be available via redemption at www.UniversalRedeem.com. Please see the insert in your packaging for redemption instructions. A retailer account may be required.

  • Online redemption

      1. Go to the website specified on the package insert.
      2. Enter the redemption code found on the package insert.
      3. Follow the screen prompts to redeem your Digital Copy. A retailer account may be required.
  • Codes that allow you to redeem Digital Copy are subject to expiration. See the back of package for details. To check if your Digital Copy code has expired, visit www.NBCUcodes.com. Once you have redeemed your Digital Copy, some Digital Copy retailers allow you to download a file of the movie or save for offline viewing within their app.

  • Each redemption code allows you to redeem your Digital Copy once.

  • This website works as follows:

    1. Go to www.UniversalRedeem.com (or the website specified on the package insert).
    2. Enter your unique Redemption Code from the package insert.
    3. Follow the screen prompts to redeem your Digital Copy. We recommend signing up to take advantage of upcoming offers that relate to your Digital Copy redemptions.
    4. Once you have redeemed your title, viewing methods will vary based upon the retailer you redeemed with.


      • Download times may vary based on your connection speed
      • The quality of your streaming video may vary based on your connection speed
  • Your Digital Copy redemption code is printed on an insert inside your 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™ or DVD package.

  • An internet connection is required for Digital Copy redemption. Please verify that you are connected to the internet.

  • There is no limit to the number of times you can watch your Digital Copy. You may watch your movie as much as you like.

  • Usage rules vary by retailer. Login to your retailer account for more specific information.

  • Digital Copy can be downloaded, streamed, or both – depending on the format and retailer you choose to redeem.

  • Movies Anywhere makes the movie watching experience easier and better by offering one home for your purchased and redeemed movies.

    To learn more, go to www.MoviesAnywhere.com for more information.

  • There has been a change to our digital copy service in Canada. Starting with all titles released on August 7th, 2018, your digital redemption option will now be Google Play instead of Flixster.

    You can access your Google Play movies through the Google Play website, the Google Play Movies & TV app on your Android and iOS devices, and the Google Play app on some smart TVs. An active Google Play account is required for redemption.