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Blu-ray™ FAQs

What is Blu-ray™?

Blu-ray™ is the one of the best ways to watch movies at home, providing the high picture quality with up to 6X the resolution of a standard DVD. Plus, Blu-ray can provide up to 7.1 channels of high definition surround sound. Blu-ray players are backward compatible and will play all of your current DVDs.

To learn more about Blu-ray™ features from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, click HERE.

What is Blu-ray 3D™?

Now you can enjoy 3D movies in the comfort of your home. Only Blu-ray 3D™ offers the best 3D experience in full 1080p, giving you HD picture and theater quality sound!

To learn more about Blu-ray 3D™ from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, click HERE.

What is BD-LIVE™?

Connecting your movie to the internet allows you to get enjoy even more content, the latest trailers, up-to-date movie news, and more through your internet-connected player.

What is Digital Copy and how do I get one?

A Digital Copy is a digital version of the full-length movie that you get when you own specially-marked Blu-ray™/DVD discs bearing the “Digital” logo. Owning the digital version of the movie extends your enjoyment because it enables you to download or stream your movie to a computer, mobile device, internet-connected TV, Blu-ray™ player, or set-top box.

Your Digital Copy can be available via redemption at Please see the insert in your packaging for redemption instructions. A retailer account may be required.