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4 Academy Award Nominations

- Jordan Peele's feature film directorial debut.

- In the scenes where Chris and Rod are talking to each other on the phone, the actors were actually using the phone, but were talking to director Jordan Peele instead.

- The film stayed in the U.S. box office Top 10 for its first two months of release.

- Jordan Peele directed scenes in the movie while doing impersonations of Tracy Morgan, Forest Whitaker, and Barack Obama.

- It was filmed in 23 days.

- The song playing in the beginning of the film when Chris is packing for the weekend is "Redbone" by Donald Glover. Director Jordan Peele wanted that song because of its lyrics, including, "stay woke" and "don't close your eyes."

- The opening of the film is partially inspired by the opening of Halloween (1978), which Jordan Peele describes as a subversion of "the perfect white neighborhood."


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