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"The Cars of Furious" Featurette

Our Furious 7 movie release comes full of additional content in “Making of Featurettes.” During “The Cars of Furious,” we take a look at the Fast & Furious franchise’s devotion to delivering some of the best cars in the world and bringing it straight to its audience.

The Fast & Furious franchise has always been known for its frankly awesome cars. From the obscure to the custom, and beyond, Furious 7 doesn’t break this trend of scouting out and bringing the world’s most impressive cars onto the big screen.

The creativity of custom cars is important to Fast & Furious. In Furious 7, this includes (but certainly isn’t limited to) taking some Dodge ‘68 Chargers, only to end up with a team of off-road race cars, capable of taking on even the roughest terrain. Speeding down the side of a mountain? These cars are good and ready to go, thanks to Fast & Furious and its picture car coordinator, Dennis McCarthy. This particular project took hundreds of hours' worth of work, according to McCarthy. And that’s just one example.

Given the Fast & Furious franchise’s devotion to unique characters, all with developed personalities and heart-wrenching backstories, no expense is spared when it comes to providing each character with a car that suits them. The movie’s goal is for it to be crystal clear who’s driving which car, based on what the audience understands about the characters — the cars are selected and designed to fit the needs and personalities of their drivers.

Furious 7 - Chris Morgan

According to Chris Morgan, writer and executive producer, “Cars are like samurai swords. They’re an extension of you. They’re your personality. […] Brian always gets the fast car, Dom always gets the furious car.”

Another notable car found in Furious 7 is the W Motors Lykan HyperSport. But what led to this particular vehicle being selected for the film? Well, in line with its role in the film, it had to be a car so special that a prince would have a reason to keep it locked in a vault. This super-rare, super-fast car almost wasn’t finished being built in time for the film. Thankfully, all worked out for Furious 7, and the film can proudly display this twin-turbo masterpiece, which also happens to be the first-ever United Arab Emirates-based supercar.

Furious 7 - Lykan HyperSport

Dom’s Charger, on another hand, couldn’t be any more different to the pristine (but untouched) Lykan HyperSport — in fact, according to the crew behind Furious 7, Dom’s custom car is practically another cast member. Since this custom Charger was introduced in the first-ever Fast & Furious film, it’s hardly ever deviated from its original appearance and mechanics.

Using a recreation of Dom and Brian’s first scene, initially shot back at the start of the millennium, Furious 7 is able to pay homage to the late Paul Walker. To make a meaningful tribute, the scene was shot with Paul Walker’s actual white Subaru. And that’s the true power of a car in Fast & Furious — a super-charged symbol, helping to tell a story that packs a real emotional punch on the audience.

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