Girls Trip

"Outrageous Moments"


Some of the most beloved stars in Hollywood came together to make the unforgettable movie, Girls Trip. In our exclusive Girls Trip behind-the-scenes content, you can get a look onto the set of this hilarious movie. Stars Tiffany Haddish, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and Jada Pinkett-Smith all reminisce on the hilarious and outrageous moments that happened during filming. With a cast of comedy icons like this, it’s incredible that anything got done at all!  Our Girls Trip extras give you insight into how they did it, as well as some of the most memorable inside jokes that happened on set.


In the Girls Trip featurette "Outrageous Moments," Will Packer, the movie's producer, highlights the fact that Girls Trip includes the kind of comedy normally reserved for men. A lot of the humor is crass, and some scenes are downright raunchy, but the team didn’t let the characters’ gender stand in the way of achieving cinematic hilarity. Though many people may feel taken aback by some of the content, Packer acknowledges that the team didn't hold back. He says, "something that you don’t typically attribute with women, we did it anyway, and didn’t care." This disregard of typical gendered expectations is something that the actors seemed to enjoy as well. Queen Latifah regards Girl Trip as unlike anything she’s done before, and Regina Hall said that she enjoyed that a lot of the content was something that viewers have never seen before.


The willingness from the cast is key, as Will Packer points out that producers and directors have crazy ideas all the time but can’t always find the cast to execute their vision. As you’ll see in this Girls Trip extras video, the cast was more than willing to think outside of the box, and film a few scenes that are extra wacky. This makes the movie even more special and gives the Girls Trip behind-the-scenes content a lot more meat.



One key scene that definitely needs a little illumination is Tiffany Haddish’s explanation of "grapefruit-ing." Haddish manages to convey the meaning in this Girls Trip featurette while remaining professional and relatively coy. Both Jada Pinkett-Smith and Regina Hall reflect on their experience filming a scene where their characters are urinating while suspended over the street.


Though a lot of the scenes and ideas sound outlandish on paper, in reality they are fairly important. Though the topics seem simply goofy, it is essential for comedic topics of all kinds to be covered by actors of all genders. The cast of Girls Trip does not only provide an incredible performance and a welcome comedic reprieve, but they also help us to examine our ingrained ideas of what it means to be a female comedian. The Girls Trip extras will give you a renewed appreciation of this hilarious film. When you buy Girls Trip on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, or Digital*, you can access our exclusive behind-the-scenes content about the movie.


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