Girls Trip

"Planning the Trip" Featurette


Girls Trip is a wild and engaging comedy that centers around four Black women and their trip to New Orleans. The cast and production team are packed with superstars and industry legends, making for a comedy that is not only funny, but well made too. For fans of the movie, or for those watching it for the first time, the experience can be enhanced with our exclusive Girls Trip behind-the-scenes content. This movie is about much more than what viewers see on screen, and though there is a lot of goofy comedy involved, there was also a significant amount of serious thought and planning involved in the making of the film. Get a better insight into what this iconic cast and crew experienced during filming, with our Girls Trip "Planning the Trip" bonus feature.



Planning Girls Trip required just as much foresight and organization as any movie. However, unlike many movies, this film came together around the cast rather than the script. Because the cast has so many superstar actors (Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish, just to name a few), director Malcolm Lee focused on collaboration. In our Girls Trip feature, he reveals that the actresses were what guided the characters and a lot of the moments that appeared in the film. This creates a level of personality in the movie that would be impossible if Lee had demanded full creative control.

Another big element of the planning of Girls Trip is the setting. The movie's backdrop is New Orleans, a city famous for its unique character. In our Girls Trip behind-the-scenes content, Lee expresses how New Orleans shaped the planning of the movie. The city acted as a character in itself, adding depth to the storyline that no other city could manage. In Girls Trip "Planning the Trip" bonus feature, the team also talks about their experience filming at the Essence festival. The energy of the festival is not something that could have been recreated in a set or a replica. Instead, the movie filmed directly at the festival, capitalizing on the energy and the crowds to bring the scenes to life.

By delving into our Girls Trip features, fans are able to truly understand this beloved movie, and see just what went into its production. The insight into the actors’ minds, as well as the set and film location, gives fans an unprecedented look into the collaboration behind Girls Trip.

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