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The Jurassic Park movies are some of the most beloved films in cinema history. Though the movies have grown and changed over time, audiences still seem to love them and re-watch them again and again. Viewers for generations have connected with the characters and returned to the movies for comfort and sentimentality. The Jurassic World movies are an extension of that legacy, and one that brings a fresh, exciting take to a classic.


We have exclusive Jurassic World extras to give you the ultimate movie viewing experience. Our Jurassic World behind-the-scenes clips help audiences to understand the process behind their favorite movies and give a deeper insight into the movies. In our section, “Chris and Colin Take on the World,” “Building Suspense” has Chris Pratt and director Colin Trevorrow discuss how they created suspense in Jurassic World. Though audiences don’t necessarily consider it, a lot of time and energy goes into evoking emotion through cinematography.


Trevorrow believes that the key to this endeavor is to approach the scenes through the mind of a child. It may sound strange, but Colin himself says "I directed the whole movie as a child." Before you look too deep into it, let us explain.


Jurassic World - Colin Trevorrow & Chris Pratt


Children have an innate sense of trust and wonder, which makes suspense an easy emotion for them. The older we become, the more we understand logic and generally how the world works. This understanding zaps us of our ability to hold suspense. The suspense he creates is based on how children think, and he lets that attitude bleed into the rest of the movie as well. He talks about the conversations in the movies that happen between adults — these conversations were inspired by children, and the way that children see adults and their discussions. Essentially, the entire movie is driven by a child’s perspective. This creates wonder, anticipation, and fun for viewers of all ages.


No matter your age, you can benefit from understanding more about your favorite movies. In our exclusive Jurassic World behind-the-scenes content, you can learn all about this groundbreaking franchise and how they make the beloved movies that we see on the big screen. A deeper understanding of how the actors and directors created Jurassic World can help you to enjoy the movie more than ever, and maybe even discover something new in your old favorites.


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