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In our Jurassic World behind-the-scenes video, “Surprised by a Kiss,” director Colin Trevorrow discusses this very topic. The Jurassic franchise is generally categorized as an action or sci-fi movie. In many ways, this is true. However, in our Jurassic World extra, Trevorrow discusses the fact that he wanted elements of many different movies in his film. There was action, yes, but he specifically wanted to add elements of comedy, romance, adventure, science fiction, and ethics.


Whether you know him from other movies or simply get the sense from this Jurassic World featurette, Chris Pratt is a funny guy. Most of his scenes can easily contain humorous elements that allowed Trevorrow to execute his desire for comedy in his action movie. To add some romance, he asked Chris Pratt to kiss Bryce Dallas Howard during a high-intensity fight scene in the movie. There was a lot going on, and many characters were fighting for their lives, which proved to be the perfect moment for an on-screen kiss. In our Jurassic World behind-the-scenes featurette, Trevorrow talks about why he wanted this element, and why he believed this intense scene was the best time to add it.


Jurassic World - Bryce Dallas Howard & Chris Pratt


Chris Pratt discloses in this Jurassic World video that he was not completely convinced that the kiss was a good idea. He believed that his character was not in the headspace to be kissing anyone during the scene, but he was curious to see how it would fit in the movie. While talking to Trevorrow, Pratt says, "I was right to put so much trust in you in this movie because it would have never occurred to me to add that.” With this trust in the director, Pratt executed the kiss on the first take.


Another surprising element of this kiss, as discussed in our Jurassic World clip, is the fact that Bryce Dallas Howard was unaware that the kiss was going to happen. Trevorrow insisted that Pratt surprise her with the kiss, in an effort to get the most genuine reaction out of Howard. As you can tell from the movie, Howard did not seem to mind very much when Pratt kissed her without forewarning. Luckily, it only took that one take to nail the scene and move on with the movie.


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