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When we watch our favorite movies, especially classics, few of us can contain our giddiness. Many of these movies turn us into children again, especially if we are re-watching a movie that was central to our childhood. When we reminisce on these movies, it is easy to forget that childlike wonder extends to Hollywood as well. We have the tendency to see our favorite stars as being without feeling, when in fact many of them have experienced the very same sense of wonder at the very same movies.


Our Jurassic World behind-the-scenes content under "Chris and Colin Take on the World" gives you the unique opportunity to see your favorite Jurassic World stars reflect on their favorite moments in the franchise. 


Though Jurassic World is a newer part of the Jurassic franchise, as a movie, it was still heavily influenced by the classic 1990s Jurassic Park movies. In our Jurassic World feature, "Favorite Jurassic Moments," Chris Pratt and director Colin Trevorrow reflect on their favorite moments of the franchise. While you might assume that their favorite moments occurred in the movies that they created, the opposite seems to be true. The nostalgia of the classic Jurassic movies has a hold on both of them, and both men cite a Jurassic Park moment as their favorite rather than Jurassic World.  


Jurassic World - Chris Pratt


In our Jurassic World extra, Chris Pratt talks about his favorite moment being the scene in which the water cup vibrates because of the dinosaur approaching. He admits that his preference for this moment is likely because it was a big deal in the movie trailer, and as a young kid he was especially excited to see the movie. "This was an event for me as a kid. It was like the first event movie of my life," says Pratt. This nostalgia for childhood blockbusters seems to be a driving force in Pratt’s movie moment preferences.  


In our Jurassic World behind-the-scenes content, Colin Trevorrow cites a moment from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, specifically the moment when a car crashes and a character is laying on the windshield as it slowly cracks. The suspense of this moment is what Trevorrow really connects with, and it seems that he wants to emulate that suspense in his own work. He reveals in the Jurassic World extra that he is inspired by Steven Spielberg’s style and ability to create suspenseful moments. In other videos throughout our Jurassic World featurettes, Trevorrow talks about how he creates suspense, and his own method for emulating these Spielberg moments.  


It’s easy to get lost in movies and forget about the art and thought that goes into making them. Oftentimes movies are a respite from daily life, but it is important to remember that there is so much to uncover when it comes to behind-the-scenes features and content. The Jurassic phenomenon is a central part of American culture and learning more about how the movies are made and the decisions that went into them is beneficial to any movie fan. Fortunately, we provide hours of extra entertainment and behind-the-scenes info, to make sure your viewing experience is as rich and complete as it can be.  


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