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One of the most intriguing parts of any movie is its plotline. No matter how complex or how simple, a movie’s plot is its driving force. Without a plot, an animated movie would simply be pictures. In our Minions behind-the-scenes content, we talked with the writer of Minions, Brian Lynch. He gives exclusive insight into the Minions plot, the inspiration behind it, how he wrote it, and why he enjoys it as a script.


One of the first things that Lynch says in our Minions extra is the fact that Minions was meant to act as an origin story for these beloved characters. The team receives a significant number of questions about the minions, where they came from, and what their purpose is, etc. So, Lynch opted to answer some of those questions in the Minions movie. Lynch wrote in an entire quest that helps the audience better understand the history of their favorite yellow jellybeans.


Ultimately, the minions are simply little kids. In our Minions featurette, Lynch expands on this statement, saying that they are characters who want to be goofy, who want to get into trouble, and who are virtually indestructible against any nemesis, similar to how kids feel and behave. Though it’s clear that they can fend for themselves, their childlike demeanor and propensity for trouble makes them relatable and fun.


Through this video in our Minions behind-the-scenes library, we begin to understand the minions’ motivation. In Despicable Me, we don’t necessarily know where the minions came from or why they continue to work for Gru. This missing piece in the original plot left many audiences with questions, many of which Lynch aims to answer in this movie. We discover that the minions’ only goal as a species is to serve the “most despicable villain.” They encounter villains such as Dracula, dinosaurs, pharaohs, and more, only to discover that Gru is the ultimate despicable villain to serve. This adds a layer of humor as well, as Gru is fairly unassuming, and ultimately a big sweetheart. 


Minions - Brian Lynch


A large part of the plot that is bound to intrigue viewers is the presence of the International Villain Convention. This concept is based on comic book conventions and gatherings, as Brian Lynch writes comic books along with movie scripts. Lynch even says, "The day Illumination asked me if I had any ideas for a minion movie, I said I want to do a Comic-Con but with villains." And, that is exactly what you see in the final film. 


As a writer, Lynch had the unique challenge of writing a dialogue in a language that is nonsensical and made up. His favorite speech of all time is actually Bob being crowned king, and he anticipates actors using this non-sensical monologue in future auditions. In this Minions extra, he reveals that he would often write the dialogue in English to give the voice actors, designers, and ultimately himself an idea of what was going on in the scene. Though it may seem like writing a movie with no dialogue would be easy, it in fact provided a unique and difficult challenge to Brian Lynch. Though he could not write dialogue, Lynch still managed to provide the movie with an incredible plot full of action, heart, and silliness.


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