"Becoming Red" Featurette


Since releasing Get Out in 2017, Jordan Peele has been redefining the horror genre. His 2019 movie, Us, took the world by storm, portraying a frightening scenario in which monster versions of the characters find their human counterparts and attempt to kill them. This surreal, disturbing movie raises a lot of questions, and leaves a lot unanswered when the credits roll. Though there is a lot of cryptic imagery and complex concepts in the film, our Us behind-the-scenes content can help to shed some light on some of the more interesting parts of the movie. In "Featurettes - Becoming Red," viewers see how Lupita Nyong’o tackled not one, but two roles in the film.



Nyong’o plays the main character, Adelaide Wilson, who seems to be a normal mother. However, since the film tackles the concepts of monstrous counterparts, Nyong’o also had to play Red, who was the other-worldly version of Adelaide. This Us bonus feature shows how Lupita Nyong’o went about developing the character of Red, and how that affected the set of the movie. Nyong’o approached her role as Red as a method actor, meaning that she embodied the character even when cameras weren’t rolling. The footage of her acting as Red between takes is nothing short of terrifying. We see in the “Featurettes - Becoming Red” how completely creepy she stayed during takes, refusing to take off the mask just because the camera wasn’t rolling.


Our Us behind-the-scenes features are the only place you can find this footage of Nyong’o playing Red off screen. Her method acting truly made for an eerie set, and fans of the movie will gain a new appreciation for her character by seeing what she does during this bonus feature. Red’s voice, facial expressions, and demeanor never leave Lupita, even when she is asking a question of the director or wiping her eyes or face. It is truly creepy to encounter this character outside the story’s context, and the Us featurette give you the opportunity to do just that.


Us was brought to life by the actors and actresses on screen, and Lupita Nyong’o perhaps did the most outstanding job bringing the story to the next level.  She is a powerhouse of an actress, and it is truly special to see her in action in the Us behind-the-scenes features.


You won’t want to miss this haunting behind-the-scenes feature, and many other videos that bring a whole new perspective to the Us viewing experience.  This exclusive content is available when you purchase Us on 4k Ultra HD, Blu-rayTM, DVD, or Digital.*


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