"Redefining a Genre: Jordan Peele's Brand of Horror" Featurette


When Jordan Peele’s movie Get Out was released in 2017, audiences were captivated by his original plotline, vivid characters, and incredible cinematography. He followed Get Out by releasing Us in 2019, solidifying to audiences that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to thrillers. In our exclusive Us behind-the-scenes content, you can get a better look at how and why Jordan Peele created Us. This movie is a masterpiece on several levels, and our Us extras can help you glean a better understanding of what makes it such a work of genius. 


Us - Jordan Peele


In “Redefining a Genre: Jordan Peele’s Brand of Horror”, Peele notes that he looks at horror films as a way for him to reflect and assess his own fears. In our Us video, Peele says, "Horror has always been the way I personally deal with my own fear." As he’s watching scary movies, he is able to process what he fears about the world around him. Though some horror movies are fairly surface level, Peele prefers “all great horror”. He believes that horror movies can say something while they are creating suspense and fear in viewers. This is certainly what he did with Get Out, and what he replicated with the production of Us.


In this Us featurette, you can learn about the scary movies and stories that inspire Peele. He notes several Hitchcock classics, as well as a few foreign or cult horror movies that are less well known. This list of inspiration helps audiences to not only see the inspiration for Us, but to explore the specific background of a rising director and producer. Peele is unlikely to stop creating movies anytime soon, and it’s likely that a lot of his inspiration will be pulled from his favorites. What’s more, watching Peele’s inspiration will add a new level of understanding to your viewing of Us.


Considering Peele’s process and beliefs, this movie is especially interesting. Most classic horror movies involve a source of fear outside of the protagonist, i.e. monsters, ghosts, etc. In this Us extra, Jordan Peele, along with several other members of the cast, discusses the intrigue presented when the source of fear is not outside of the protagonists, but a part of them. Peele suggests that looking inward and examining ourselves is perhaps the most scary concept imaginable, and the movie helps viewers to confront that idea.


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