"Issa Rae's Assistant Survival Guide" Featurette

Whether you have seen Little a million times or are viewing it for the very first time, our exclusive content brings extra bonuses, and even some life lessons, to your viewing experience. While filming Little, Issa Rae plays a character who is the assistant to a tyrannical, crazy boss. In our exclusive under Featurettes, “Issa Rae’s Assistant Survival Guide”, Issa Rae discloses that through this experience of filming, she has developed a few tips and tricks for surviving bosses such as the one her character endured.

One of the first things Issa Rae discusses in this Little video is not letting your crazy boss know that you think she’s crazy. Try out the “nod” technique. While your boss is talking, just nod your head and don’t say a word.

Issa Rae’s second point in the Little behind-the-scenes content is that misery loves company, so form a camaraderie with the other abused workers at your office. The only way that you will get through a tough workplace is by finding friends who will suffer with you.


This Little featurette includes several other tips from Issa Rae to make it through a job that grinds you down. Many of these tips are comedic and meant only as a joke from one assistant to another. However, many of them do hold some truth to them, and might even be helpful for those who are struggling to get along with their work superiors.

These tips prove just how much research and depth Issa Rae brings to her character in Little. What many people don’t realize is that comedy is ultimately rooted in reality — without Issa Rae’s very real understanding of working for a monster boss, the movie would not be nearly as funny as it is.

The star-studded cast works impeccably as a whole to bring audiences a wonderful feel-good movie that both entertains and provokes thought. Regina Hall, Issa Rae, and Marsai Martin make a wonderful leading trio, and give audiences a film that they are unlikely to forget.

Whether you’re looking for tips on surviving your horrible boss or just interesting facts about Little, we have you covered. For this and other exclusive content, purchase the movie on 4k Ultra HD, Blu-rayTM, DVD, or Digital.*


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