"More Than a LITTLE Talent" Featurette


You can tell by the cast list that Little is packed with well-known celebrities and actresses. However, what you can’t tell from the cast list is just how unique and talented the members of the cast are on set. Each actor brings a special set of skills to the movie and provides something that could not be replaced. Unfortunately for most audiences, the details of each actor’s special skills and contributions are kept a secret. For our viewers, however, we have a Little behind-the-scenes exclusive under Featurettes called "More Than a LITTLE Talent" that brings the secrets and talent to life. 


The Little extra begins with Marsai Martin, and she is the youngest leading actress in the movie. However, just because she is small doesn’t mean that her talent is. Marsai is one of the movie’s producers, and the idea for the story came from her. For such a young, budding actress, this is a huge achievement for Martin. What’s more, this is her first time acting in a feature film. Despite this, she creates impeccable work, and most audiences would have no idea that this is her first movie.  


Issa Rae is another noteworthy subject in our Little feature. Though she is more established than Marsai Martin, her success was entirely self-made. She began on a web series and worked her way onto her own HBO special. In our Little extra, the team talks about Issa Rae’s unique awkwardness, something that not many actors can successfully bring to a character. However, this is exactly what Rae is known for, and she executes her character in Little impeccably as a result.  


Our Little video touches on Regina Hall as well. Perhaps the most well-known of the trio of leads, Hall needs no introduction. Her comedic standing is legendary, and her expertise brings a lot to her role. Issa Rae comments that Regina has a unique ability to act mean in her part as Jordan Sanders, which is not something one would necessarily expect from a comedian. However, it is clear from the Little feature that Hall pulls off this tyrannical character with ease, showing her versatility and talent. 


Little - Marsai Martin & Issa Rae


A somewhat surprising aspect of the talent in Little is the support and love that they all show to one another. It may seem as if this high amount of talent and big Hollywood names would create an environment of competition and jealousy. But, in fact, the opposite is true. The cast created a set in which everyone supported one another, and the actors were known to rally around each other and lift each other up.


This is especially true of Marsai Martin. The other actresses went to great lengths to support and encourage her in her endeavor as actress and producer and help her feel welcome and loved in the movie community. This kind of community is rare in Hollywood, and as Issa Rae says, there was certainly a lot of, “Black girl magic” on set.  


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