"Marsai Martin Presents..." Featurette


As a part of our Little behind-the-scenes content, we have an exclusive video from Marsai Martin herself. Though she is the youngest star of the movie, Marsai brings a level of vitality and energy to the set that is unmatched among her co-workers. 


Little - Marsai Martin


In our exclusive Featurettes videoMarsai Martin Presents...,” audiences get to see her come to life as she interviews her fellow cast and crew members about their jobs. This Little extra gives you the opportunity to better understand what happens on a film set and see the personalities and relationships that made the movie possible. Reflecting on her experience, Marsai says, “Being a part of Little was an absolute dream come true in so many ways.”  


An interesting situation that you encounter during this video is Marsai Martin’s management system. Marsai Martin is managed and supervised by her parents (she's still a teenager after all.) During this Little featurette, she interviews both of her parents to ask them about their role in her life, and how they feel about having their daughter on the set of a movie. It is clear from the interaction that the trio has an extremely tight bond, and that Marsai’s parents are incredibly proud of what she does. This insight into Marsai’s life is an exclusive that can only be found in this Little behind-the-scenes video. 


Little - Tina Gordon


Marsai interviews several other people on set, from the director to the boom mic operator to the production assistant. For those who aren’t in the movie industry, these interviews provide information about what everyone on a movie set does to bring a movie together.


Films are a team effort, and each member of the cast and crew plays an important role. Throughout this Little bonus feature, you can learn about roles and titles on a movie set, and what they do to make the production work. This understanding helps to enrich your movie watching experience and provide you with a new perspective.  


A standout aspect of these Marsai Martin interviews is how we get to see the energy and personality on set. Though some movie sets are extremely serious and focused, it’s clear that the cast and crew of Little really like each other. This video highlights the fun that they have while doing their jobs, and how each member interacts with each other. 


Marsai is understandably beloved in the community, with members taking on roles of friends, family, and mentors. Because Marsai is still young, she brings a unique energy to the set and provides a fresh perspective to the industry that many veteran filmmakers lose sight of. It seems that her co-workers really admire her for this energy and appreciate its presence in their workday.  


Despite her ability to have fun, Marsai Martin performs her role in Little with impeccable technique. She is a talented actress, who takes her job seriously and does it well. This behind-the-scenes interview video is not something you want to miss, and it can only be found on our streaming platforms.  


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