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Different actors have different techniques for developing their characters. Some do a lot of research, some people watch, and some subscribe to “method acting.” This mode of character development means that the actor immerses themself in the lifestyle and personality of their character. By completely immersing themself in the character’s behavior, the actor is able to discover quirks about the character and give the role more depth and realism. This is a fairly extreme method to use, as it demands a lot of time, attention, and sacrifice from the actor and their family. In our Little behind-the-scenes content under Featurettes, “Regina Goes Method,” allows you to see a comical skit of how Regina Hall adopted and employed method acting to develop her character.


This Little featurette about Regina’s method acting really portrays how intense things can get when actors adopt this method. Regina Hall’s character is not a very nice woman. She was bullied as a child and is determined to have the upper hand as a result. She is strict and demanding and gets incredibly vindictive if things aren’t exactly how she likes them. As we see in the Little behind-the-scenes footage, Regina acts this way on set even when the cameras aren’t rolling. She yells at cast and crew members alike and gets upset if the set or services aren’t what her character would want. She even has an executive producer chair that no one else is allowed to sit in, or else they get Regina’s wrath, or worse, even go missing, never to return.


The insight on Regina Hall’s performance is one of the most compelling bits of background information in this featurette. Though method acting is famously used by actors all over the world, the general public rarely gets any insight into what that looks like. Of course, a character makes sense in their own world because the script was written that way. The personality is often ill-fitted for the real world, where the character does not have the benefit of a script or surroundings that were written specifically for them.


It is hard to tell the scope of this method acting, whether it bleeds off set or if Regina contains it to the workday. In this Little extra, we do see that the method influences others in the cast and crew. Issa Rae and Marsai Martin both speak to the intimidation they feel when Regina is in character and off-screen, and how difficult it is to work with her when she’s exploring her character. This can hardly be held against Regina Hall, as her character is simply a powerful, angry woman. Hall’s choice to embody that character in order to create a convincing performance is simply dedication to her craft.


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